Insight Process Solutions

Insight Process Solutions, LLC is a small, specialized technology firm delivering creative design solutions to the fluid process industries.  A key focus is the application development of the innovative Equilibar® precision back pressure regulator. We also provide specialized design and consulting for precision coating delivery systems

Insight Process Solutions' principal engineer, Jeff Jennings, draws on 17 years  experience developing improved processes for the DuPont Corporation.  He has experience in the chemical, advanced composites, nuclear, photographic, polymer, textile, and rubber products industries.

Here are some of the products and services our company can provide:

Equilibar® Precision Back Pressure Regulator

Equilibar, LLC is presently manufacturing and marketing unique back pressure regulator for customers worldwide. This product offers unparalleled precision and ease of automation through the use of an air pilot signal.

Design Services / Consulting

Insight Process Solutions specializes in fluid process design.  We can work with your team to optimize the performance of your new project, whether you need a comprehensive design, or someone to work with your existing project engineering team.


Insight Process Solutions is engaged in licensing intellectual property related to its Equilibar™ back pressure regulator.

Laboratory Testing

Insight Process Solutions has an extensive fluid control laboratory, equipped to provide quick and easy flow system exploration and verification

Fluid Control Laboratory
  • Variety of flow meters (magnetic and mass type)
  • Programmable controllers
  • Data acquisition system
  • Variety of pumps
  • Pressure vessels
  • Filtration
  • Degassing membranes
  • Automated control valves and pressure regulators