Coating Delivery Systems
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Coating Delivery Systems

Insight Process Solutions specializes in fluid delivery systems for Precision Coating systems, such as the Slot, Curtain, or Slide Coating methods. Our experience designing innovative flow control, in-line mixing, and degassing systems comes from the precision photographic coating industry. The solutions described on this page, however, can provide cost-effective quality improvements to any coating operation.

new (1K)High Rangeability Metering Valve (Patent Pending)

Insight's new High Rangeability Metering Valve is a high performance solution for your critical coating delivery applications. This valve is capable of 10,000:1 flow rate range in the same valve, with easy control of low flow rates down to 0.1 ml/min and below. The valve has a hygenic design, holds absolutely no bubbles, and is fully compatible with the most unstable shear sensitive solutions, emulsions, and dispersions. Valve comes with customized control algorithms necessary for proper operation. Available in a variety of materials and tubing sizes.

Pumpless Delivery Systems

Insight Process Solutions has developed an innovative "pumpless" delivery system. This system throttles coating fluid from a constant pressure vessel to the coating head using a special Low Shear Metering Valve and enhanced control algorithms. Simple, low-cost transfer pumps are used to filter the fluid and pressurize the holding vessel. Flow meters are used to assure precise flow control.

Advantages of Pumpless Delivery

  • improved flow accuracy
  • lower capital investment
  • complete elimination of pump chatter
  • no moving parts to break down
  • no rotating seals to leak
  • elimination of high shear zones
  • sanitary design; easy to debubble

Equilibar® Precision Back Pressure Regulator

Maintaining quiet conditions in the pressurized delivery vessel is crucial for high coating quality. To assure stability during upstream filter and batch swings, Insight Process Solutions has developed the Equilibar® ultra-sensitive back-pressure regulator. This patent-pending device provides the ultimate in precision vessel pressure control by venting excess gases.

This device can relieve high volumes of gas with only a fraction of a psi in pressure deviation.  The set-point is provided via a reference air pressure, allowing for easy process automation. See how it it controls back pressure.

Dissolved Gas Removal

Bubbles are a major concern for most coating operations. Many established firms have invested in complex vacuum systems to remove dissolved gases from their coating solutions (a major cause of bubbles). However, a new generation of separation technology can now extract virtually all dissolved gasses from your coating solution in a simple, affordable module. Insight Process Solutions has experience deploying this exciting technology to solve industrial coating bubble problems.

In-Line Injection and Mixing

Pre-metered coating allows for the in-line addition of minor components into the coating stream just before application. Using in-line injection, it is possible to: Extend liquid batch life by removing cross-linkers, catalysts, and other reactive components Reduce clean-up efforts by injecting latices and other difficult to clean ingredients Control product variables in real time Expand kettle capacity through concentrated prep and subsequent in-line dilution

Other Delivery Capabilities

We have experience throughout the solution prep and delivery process, such as: 

  • Clean-In-Place systems 
  • Cost effective pre and final filtration 
  • In-line Viscosity measurement 
  • Latex handling systems 
  • Kettle mixing and agitation 
  • Automatic batch changes