Die Coating

UNAV Multilayer Coating of Fribourg, Switzerland is an affiliate of Insight Process Solutions offering equipment, design and consultative services in the arena of precision die coating.
Photo courtesty TSE Troller Schweizer Engineering AG
Die Coating is a broad term used to describe all the coating methods that utilize a slotted die to distribute fluid.  It includes the following commonly used terminology:
  • Slot or Slot Die Coating
  • Slide or Cascade Coating
  • Curtain Coating
  • Extrusion Coating

Dr. Robert I. Hirshburg, P.E., is an Associate Expert for UNAV for the USA and Canada. Robert has more than 20 years of coating experience with global companies in a wide range of coating-related engineering functions such as process development, large-scale installation projects, product and manufacturing support, and R&D.

Dr. Hirshburg possesses a thorough understanding of coating technology in addition to a penchant for innovation as demonstrated by his four patents on equipment designs for improved bead coating performance. He has also authored or co-authored several papers on coating and related topics (one on thin liquid film flow and evaporation won "Best Paper" of the 20th ASME/AIChE National Heat Transfer Conference).

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