Equilibar precision back pressure regulator

Precision Pressure Control 

Unique Back Pressure Regulators

The Equilibar® back pressure regulator is a new technology which offers dramatically more precision and stability across widely varying flow rates.  These regulators can control pressure from 0.02 psig, using a delicate diaphragm, up to 5000 psig using a stainless steel diaphragm.  

Unlike typical spring-type back pressure regulators, the Equilibar BPR typically controls inlet pressure to within a 1-2% window. It achieves this precision by its dome-loaded design.  Instead of a spring, the Equilibar uses pressure from an air (or other fluid) source to communicate the desired set-point.  For example, to control your process back-pressure at 50 psig, simply apply a 50 psig air signal to the dome (or reference port) of the Equilibar.
Equilibar precision back pressure regulator performance

Read more about how Equilibar's patented back pressure control technology works.


Ultra Low Pressure Control

The Equilibar back pressure regulator is unique in its ability to control at very low pressures.  Because there is no friction or sliding seals, the device has zero dead-band, zero hysteresis, and sensitivity to 0.001 psig (0.007 kPa).  Many clients use these regulators down to 0.02 psig (0.14 kPag, 0.5 inWC).  Popular applications include laboratory testing and extrusion pressure control.  Learn more about Equilibar's low pressure solutions.

Ultra Low Flow Control

The Equilibar back pressure regulator has the widest flow rate window available.  Flow rate turn-down ratios of 1000:1 to 10,000:1 are typical, depending on configuration.  Many gas analysis systems have benefited from stable control down to 1 ml/min gas flow rate (Cv down to 1E-8).  Learn more about low flow solutions from Equilibar.

Vacuum Control

The Equilibar back pressure regulator can also be used in the vacuum range to provide "http://www.equilibar.com/vacuum-regulators/"> Equilibar Vacuum Pressure Regulators are available in sizes from 1/4" through 2.5" and can control through the range of 0-30 inHg.  These devices can be used in industrial vacuum distribution systems to allow different machines to have different vacuum pressures while avoiding pressure variations.

High Pressure Control

The new Equilibar® Research Back Pressure Regulator Series controls back pressure up to 5000 psig by using a 316stainless steel diaphragm.  Test results show that the same impressive precision and wide flow rate range is available in this higher range.  The EB1HP1 has a flow coefficient (Cv) of 0.1, but can control down to 1E-8 or below, depending on pressure range.

Equilibar back pressure valve
Equilibar back pressure valve

Larger Back Pressure Valves

The Equilibar back pressure regulator is available in sizes up to 3" in pipe size. Sometimes call back pressure valves, these larger units provide the same unique performance as the smaller back pressure regulators.

Two-Phase Flow Solutions

Equilibar's unique design make it an excellent choice as a regulator for two-phaseflow applications. Such mixed phase streams are common in laboratory applications such as catalyst research reactors and super-critical carbon dioxide research. See how our back pressure regulator works to understand how our multiple orifices and direct sealing diaphragm perform in multi-phase flow.

Confusing Terminology

Unfortunately, there are many different terms which all describe the same type of fluid control. Equliibar back pressure regulators can alternatively be called:

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