New Organ Transplantation product shares Equilibar® technology

Smartperfusion organ transplantation system

Smart Perfusion, LLC has introduced the new VasoWave™ system, which is designed to extend organ life outside the human body by emulating the arterial and venous pressure waveforms of the human heart. The system is based on the same pressure control technology as the Equilibar. Its ultra sensitive pressure regulator provides an unmatched degree of sensitivity and responsiveness to the waveforms, which can be carefully customized by physicians to optimize organ response.

This is the most sophisticated heart/lung emulation system in the world, says Dr. John Robertson, Chief Science Officer for Smart Perfusion.

Smart Perfusion has licensed this patented pressure technology for all medical applications, whereas Equilibar has licensed all industrial and non-medical applications. Contact Don Faulkner or visit for more information about the VasoWave™ or other medical applications.