Insight Process Solutions
Equilibar® Precision Back-Pressure Regulator 
The Equilibar® back pressure regulator is an exciting advance in precision pressure control, easily achieving 5X the precision of traditional spring-type regulators. Insight Process Solutions has licensed this patented technology to Equilibar, LLC for industrial applications worldwide. (More)
Medical Organ Transplant Systems
Insight Process Solutions has provided key technology to Smart Perfusion, LLC to provide a new approach to organ transplant systems.. (More)
Coating Delivery Systems
Insight Process Solutions specializes in fluid delivery systems for the coating industry.  It offers design and consulting services with a specialty in shear-sensitive and other difficult-to-process solutions. (More)
Die Coating Expertise
Insight Process Solutions offers extensive experience in Precision Die Coating.  Our chief coating consultant holds a PhD in Fluid Mechanics, with 24 years of experience with leading international photographic film producers and coating die manufacturers.  (More)